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Keep your business protected with the right commercial insurance.

We understand the unique insurance needs of business and know how important it is to protect your most valuable assets.

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The Benefits Of Commercial Insurance

Protect Your Business & Most Valuable Assets

We know how hard you've worked for your business and we understand that protecting your business and its assets are extremely important. That why we are here to help make sure your business is protected. Our commercial insurance program gives you ease knowing that you and your business are covered.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Options

We offer general liability insurance that will help cover any loss of revenue due to an unforeseen circumstance. Over the years, litigation has been on the rise and people will go after your business and its assets. General Liability Insurance will help with losses from property damage, personal injury, or from real or alleged bodily injury that occurs from your operations, including injury at your business location.

Commercial Auto Insurance For Business Vehicles

Palmetto Insurance offers liability insurance on all of your automotive vehicles. Did you know that in the state of South Carolina, the law requires you to carry liability insurance on all of your business vehicles? Believe it or not, but there are key differences between a personal auto policy and a business auto policy. One of our knowledgeable agents will be happy to help answer any questions and go over all of the details.

Flexible Coverage For Your Business & Employees

Make sure your business and your employees are covered with the right commercial insurance. You don't want to be caught in a vulnerable situation and lose everything you've worked so hard for.